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The pages of this larger album were of different colors, a common feature of the commercially sold sketchbooks of the time.The paper colors were primarily ivory, gray, warm gray and buff.All in all, it would seem that Monet had a higher standard of living than the average Parisian doctor, and beginning in the 1890s he became downright wealthy.If he had been sometimes short of cash, it was because he liked to live in big houses, eat good food and drink good wine.Billecocq encouraged the young Monet taking him on holiday outings observing him and encouraging him by giving him money and buying pictures from him.Billecocq describes going on picnics where the Monet handed everyone sketchbooks for drawing competitions that he would always win."His sketches, whether in crayon or pencil, were always excellent, even if they were rapidly executed," Billecocq wrote in his journal."He knew how to capture the essential characteristics of a scene." On 1 April, 1851 Monet entered the Le Havre "college communal" which provided him with a "classical" foundation: Latin and Greek.

Fifty years later he was to say: "The school always felt like a prison, I could never resign myself to living there, even four hours a day." Although few documents remain to give information about Monet’s youth, his sketchbook from the months of February to October of 1857 survives.On May 20, 1841, he was baptized into the local church parish, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette as Oscar-Claude."(2) The young Monet spent his childhood in the Normandy coastal town of Le Havre , where his father prospered as a grocer and ship chandler.