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https:// To use Whats App on Raspberry Pi we will need Yowsup which is a Python library that lets you access all the functionalities of Whats App on Raspberry Pi just as you would from the official client app on your smartphone.

It is recommended that you update all the packages before you install new packages.

Thus the applications for Whats App on Raspberry Pi are endless.

Home surveillance is becoming very popular as people feel the need to keep an eye on their surroundings when they are away at work or some other place.

It gives a user elevated privileges much like the administrative privileges in Windows.

The article will have many commands beginning with sudo. Instead you can be the super user called root by typing su and then entering the root password.

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Due to projects like Android for x86 and other raspberry-pi projects, a number of users were using Whats App from their PCs which ensured them high speed connectivity.Socket Timeout Exception: Receive timed out] [Root exception is javax.naming. Service Unavailable Exception: Failed to connect to server SERVER. The NIC card that is highest in the list will be the one that serves up the Host ID or MAC Address to the Licensing Service as well as the IP Address for BAS Services.