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Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger had originally planned to use Burgess Meredith in the role of Sgt.

Bob Johnson, but changed their minds in favor of an unknown.

– More Erika’s interactions in the shower room will unlock if you completed the first step of her romance story arc – The “Waiting Room” will bring you to choose your next patient.

See more » A wonderful film, as you might expect, from the cinema's greatest directorial duo.

The investigation and solution are the weakest scenes in the film.

But there are dozens of gorgeous sequences within the film.

I especially love the sequence with the children playing war.

The film gets especially good during its extended finale, where the three (actually four) main characters go to Canterbury, and their pilgrimages pay off. The fourth main character, the magistrate of Kent, Thomas Colpeper (Eric Portman), is the weakest and I'd just rather forget his role in the film myself.

It's unique in mood and pace amongst the many Archers films that I've seen. named Bob Johnson (Seargant John Sweet), a British soldier, Peter Gibbs (Dennis Price), and a young woman from London, Alison Smith (Sheila Sim), moving to the countryside for work.

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Many emigrated to the colonies, often via coastal settlements that rapidly grew to accommodate the displaced crofters. Until the clearances there had been just four crofters in Strathy, a figure which grew to 42, including 20 cleared from Strathnaver.… continue reading »

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