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Thorax with thiee large longiuidiiially elon- gated purple spots, in front of which there are three transversely elongated spots ; a small cupreous spot on each angle near the hind border. Scutellum with a green baud bordering a transverse furrow, which is curved on each side lo the fore Hli Ml PTKKA HETEUOPTKRA. Abdomen beneath green, with a purplish band alouh spot, and is bordered by two deep parallel furrows. Testaceii.1, suhclliplicm, Jlm-o pnllido univillatus ; caput cnnicnm, tho- racis lalitudine diinidia angvsliis ; untennce fulvce, apice iii/rce ; thorax villa anlemedid nigra abbrcriata iiidcterminala, liiifis diuibus luleruiibu^ paliide teslaccis ; scutellum gutiis t/iialuor b^sadbus apice- qw j)iillide Jiavis ; pectus nigricanle birillututn ; abdomen yuttis Idtcralibus tiigris, lineis quinque ventralibus e punclis nigris ; pedes uigro fasciali. Ferruginous, ellipliual, hardly convex, tliickly punclured, clingy testa- ceous beneath.

'I'estaceo HS, nearly elliptical, slightly convex, tliickly punctured, very thickly sprinkled with brown, with a pale yellow stripe which extends I'roui the Iront of the head to the ti|) of the scutellum. Head less thai) half the breadth of the tiiorax, paler and slightly retuse and concave on each side in front of the eyes ; lateral lobes not extending beyond ihe middle one.

Scutellum with four pale yellow dots on the fore border, bordered with pale yellow at its tip, extending somewhat beyond the middle of the abdomen. Abdomen with blat'k lateral spots; under side WMih five lines of black points. apicalis, luit the latter is miuh larger and has no pale lateral lines on the thorax and no pale stripe on the scutellum. JSculellum very slightly keeled, acute and |)aler at the lip, about half the length of the abdomen. )domen extending rather beyond tiie fore wings on each side, when it is alternately brown and testaceous. Fore wings with a cinereous membrane, which extends to the tip of ihe abdomen.

Thorax with an irregular abbreviated black band near the fore border; a pale testaceous line along each side, not extending to the rather prominent hind angle ; fore border less than half the breadth of the hind border. Thorax very slightly rugulose, with a straight paler slighily elevated rim on each side.

Testacea, elli plica, fuscn coil ferin punctata; caput thoracis latiludine di- midia latins; anlenni, lobis lalera/ihns sttbascen- dentibus lohum inlermedium supcntnlibus ; roslrinn sat vafiduin, apice nigricans, coxas posticus allingens ; thoracis lalera antice bispinosa postice ditalala et denlata; sculellnm bifoveolalum ; abdominis lalera serrata ; pedes nigra conspersi ; alee anlicee membrana cinerca venis fuscis reliculatis.

Abdomen beneath with four piceous stripes; the inner pair macular; the outer pair entire, very irregular, green in some aspects; a slight furrow extending from the base to the fourth segment. Fore wings wilh the punctures clustered iiere and there together, and forming patches; membrane cinereous, with brown veins. Thorax with the usual traus- Ter^e impression; sides much dilated and obtusely ilentated, except in front, where there are two acute spines, of which the loiemost is much larger than the other one.