Dating a man already in a relationship

16-Aug-2017 08:57

Also while it may seem difficult at first make a definite attempt to get back to the social circuit. Attend parties and celebrations but try to be part of a larger group.

Give yourself time to put your pain behind before you rejoin the dating scene.

It could be that he/she finds in you a moral and emotional companion that they cannot find in their primary partners.

More significantly your beloved might be in a genuinely unhappy relationship and it is only a matter of time before he/she opts out.

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While you may know better than to fall for someone who is not single, it is not so easy to compel your emotions to see logic or even plain common sense.

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Try and get over it Being in love with someone who can never be yours is a painful state to be in. Join a course in which you were always interested but never had time for.

What’s worse though is that in the long run, these thoughts can be harmful even.

You may keep obsessing about your rival till you are so overwrought with envy and despair that you begin to neglect your own life.

Three is a crowd When you fall in love with someone who is in a relationship, it is easy to start obsessing about his/her primary partner.

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If you don’t know him/her, you may be tempted to fantasize about their supposed attractiveness, sex appeal, financial success or any such traits which compel your beloved to remain with him/her.Thus a woman may be attracted to the calm maturity, experience and even sexual skills of a married man, especially if she has been with young single men in the past and been put off by their brash, insecure and callow behavior.

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