Moms and dads dating

14-Jul-2017 00:51

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People feel like I’m arguing semantics, people feel like I’m making something sound romantic that was never supposed to be, people feel like I’m criticizing fathers for wanted to spend time with their daughters, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dads spending time with their daughters is a vitally important act—hanging out with my daughter is literally my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

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Now, let me cut you off here, I am NOT saying that there is anything ROMANTIC about father-daughter dates. And mother-son “dates” don’t generally use the same structure. This leads into category #2 in defense of father-daughter dates—“I take her on dates to show her how she should be treated by the men in her life.” Again, I am not here to argue whether that is a valid or invalid point, but I will note that I can’t think of any time when those roles are traditionally flipped and mothers do something similar with their sons. Dad-daughter date advocates often say things like “I open doors, I tell her she’s special, I bring flowers” to demonstrate how they’re using the date structure to show their daughters how they should expect to be treated by other men. Do the moms need to let their sons open doors or pay for the meal? )There’s this thing in our society where it’s socially acceptable for fathers to be held up as the “ideal men” for their daughters, but mothers aren’t supposed to be the “perfect women” for their sons.Not many other sites can promise to connect you with 1000s of single parents.

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