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The assumption of responsibility for another is a fundamental dimension of growing up.Normal development begins with an infant’s inability to see beyond itself and its own needs, before slowly growing and maturing to become increasingly aware of the existence and the needs of others.Once the young person has made the decision to pursue the commitment of marriage, the next step is to help them use their view of marriage to inform the choice of what to look for in a spouse.I often encourage young people to consider the following exercise: Drop in on a couple’s celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.The exception to this rule is the description of the creation of man, where the Torah does not open with the act of creation but rather by introducing the decision (“Let us make man…”) that preceded the act of creation….It appears that G-d created man in a manner that reflects man’s essence.To buffer these influences, young people should be coached to thoughtfully prepare for each step of the dating and marriage process.

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To put it bluntly: when we get married we place our future happiness in the hands of our mate.Seeking a mate can be a very exciting stage of life, entered into with the hopes and dreams ofwhat they hope to get out of marriage, but with less thought about what they will need to invest in it.A healthy measure of Occasionally, young men ask me what they should be thinking about on their wedding day.Each of the topics that have been discussed in the various issues of Klal Perspectives present as variations on a single theme: Our community too often focuses on form over substance, leading to simplistic and externally-driven decision making, and often failing to prepare individuals sufficiently for meeting life’s challenges.

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This theme creates the perfect storm of vulnerability when it comes to marriage, since the critical life decision of whom to marry most certainly requires clear and substantive consideration, and the challenge of maintaining a healthy and strong marriage requires genuine maturity and character.The process of choosing when, whom and how to marry can easily be hijacked by external and superficial considerations.